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Fur Auctions

DITSIOS BROS, from its set up until nowadays, is dynamically active in the area of processing, buying and selling fur skins. We participates without exception, in all the world’s auctions, representing companies of Greece and abroad, always ensuring we supply the best quality fur skins, adopted in the demands and needs of our clients.

The actions and business actions on the global fur market of the President of the company, the entrepreneur Mr. Naoum Ditsios, are the ones that led to the global recognition and promotion of the company as one of the industry's pioneers for the high quality of its products and services.

Our company searches for, selects and processes all raw materials for the manufacture of fur garments, with the highest quality, fashion and competitiveness criteria.

DITSIOS BROS brand name is now indissolubly linked to the reliability and quality of its products, ensuring its recognition and reputation in the global market.

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