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From Waste to Gold

To Waste anything, is a sin!
To hold Gold in hand, is a blessing !

Artists, technicians, and fur magicians have worked together with “Love of the Hand” to create a wonder of beauty.

Thus..”When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. “ John Ruskin

We have taken damaged, semi destroyed, discarded skins of all kinds of animal furs, unsuitable for excellent production of goods, and created the beginning of a beautiful dream.

Our intention is to continue in the joy of creativity and love.
Any dream of daring dreamers, is the richest gift!
A gift of an astounding work of art !

With “Love of the Hand” a team of highly skilled, creative dreamers, have honoured this Waste, yet sacred fur, and breathed another kind of beauty and life into it…with Love !

Professor Vasilis Kardasis
Royal College of Art.

Nov 2018

With my love